Sholomo Gadaev     ‎(I2769)‎
Given Names: Sholomo
Surname: Gadaev

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: Kokand
Death: 9 Av 1942 WW II
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Birth Kokand

Death Death 9 Av 1942 WW II

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Immediate Family  (F988)
Adino Gadaeva  
- 1969
Mira Gadaeva  
1934 -


Died in WW2

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Close Relatives
Family with Adino Gadaeva  
Sholomo Gadaev   ‎(I2769)‎
Birth Kokand
Death 9 Av 1942 WW II
Adino Gadaeva   ‎(I2770)‎
Birth Kokand
Death 1969 (5729) Andijan
Mira Gadaeva   ‎(I2768)‎
Birth 25 July 1934 (13 Av 5694) Kokand